Cop Beats Innocent Man with Down Syndrome

The Martinez family is devastated with the news of Antonio's' beating. The deputy pepper sprayed him, slammed his dead into the concrete, kicked him, and beat him with a metal baton, leaving bruises and welts everywhere, along with some mental scars that will never go away.

The deputy's defense? According to Filming Cops:

Apparently, Deputy Jeffrey Guy, thought he was “suspicious” for wearing a hoodie.

Deputy Guy told Antonio to “stop walking,” but because Antonio functions at the level of a 7-yr-old child, he was unable to respond in the way that Deputy Guy wanted.

Deputy Guy let loose and used his metal baton on the innocent boy as horrified witnesses screamed and begged the Deputy to stop.

The Sheriff’s department refused to fire the deputy.

However, the Board of Supervisors has approved a settlement for $1 million for Antonio’s family.

“Did the Sheriff’s Department learn anything from this incident? “I don’t think so.” Jude Basile said — the family’s attorney.

Learn more about the incident in the video below:

Source: Filming Cops



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