Conservative Commentator Arrested on Entering Canada for Smuggling in “Hate Speech”

When it comes to neighboring countries, one could hardly ask for a better one than the nation to our north, Canada. While we certainly have some differences, try to find a longer stretch of peaceful border in the world. Not easy to do.

Yet our Canadian friends are buying into the political correctness movement as relates to Islam at a disturbing rate. Western democracies are built on freedom of speech, and when authorities shut that down, they have entered a dangerous zone.

It's not just Canada that is flirting with such undemocratic policies. We have the same thing in pockets of America. And the problem is rampant in parts of Europe. Put bluntly and specifically, criticizing Islamic beliefs is essentially being prohibited.

The outrage that gave impetus to this article involves an American who was detained at the Canadian border because he was going to deliver a speech on the dangers of Islamic Sharia Law and had the notes for that speech on his iPad which the police confiscated. After a several hour ordeal, he chose not to enter Canada, however, the authorities kept his iPad and have threatened him with financial penalties.

This is nothing more than harassment of those who oppose Sharia Law, which is a body of beliefs that oppose most everything that is contained in western culture and western legal tradition.

We really do not believe the vast majority of Canadians want to be known as a nation that censors political and religious speech.

Anyway, here is a video where the incident is described by the victim.

If you would like to listen to the speech that he would have given, here it is.

Source: Wild Bill for America



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