“Conservative” Bill O’Reilly Supports Obama’s Anti-Gun Executive Orders

On top of the completely fallacious nature of the argument peddled by O'Reilly and others, increasing background checks represents a direct infringement on a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment that no Americans would support if it were tried with respect to any other Amendment of the Constitution.

“According to RawStory, O’Reilly added, ‘If you are paranoid and believe the government is stockpiling information so they can come to your house and take your guns, that’s your problem, your problem. But the government has an obligation to enhance public safety.'

O’Reilly did not say whether background checks should be performed on citizens before they exercise their First Amendment rights of free speech or free religion, nor did he say whether background checks should be performed before exercising the Third and Fourth Amendment rights to private property and security in that property. But since all the amendments in the Bill of Rights are of a cloth, to perform special checks on one before it can be exercised, is to reduce all to a position of government oversight.”

Source: Breitbart

Of course, this is great fodder for leftist media, like The Young Turks:

Background checks plays right into the hands of those who would want to document who has firearms with the eventual end being confiscation.

A plurality of Americans believe the federal government could use information gleaned from expanded background checks to confiscate legally owned firearms, according to a Quinnipiac survey released Thursday.

But the poll also showed support for background checks remains nearly universal.

According to the survey, 48 percent said they believed the government could use background check records to seize guns, while 38 said the government could not. Ninety-one percent favored background checks anyway, and only 8 percent are opposed.
“In every Quinnipiac University poll since the Newtown massacre, nationally and in six states, we find overwhelming support, including among gun owners, for universal background checks,” Quinnipiac University Polling Institute Assistant Director Peter A. Brown said in a statement.

“American voters agree with the National Rifle Association, however, that these background checks could lead someday to confiscation of legally-owned guns.”

Source: The Hill



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