Congress Knee Jerk Gun Control Measure

The proposed legislation, which seeks to ban gun sales without background checks pending beyond 72 hours, cites June's massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, inside a historic church, and the revelation soon after that a loophole in the background check process allowed shooter Dylann Roof to obtain a gun.

Dylan Roof, if unable to buy a gun, would have just as easily found another weapon to use. Just as the Newtown shooter used his mother’s weapons right after he killed her with them.

“While certain facts remain unknown, (There is the key, but that does not stop him, does it?) the FBI has acknowledged that a fully completed background check would have uncovered Dylann Roof’s prior arrest on a drug charge and his drug addiction, thereby barring him from purchasing the .45-caliber handgun with which he took nine lives,” a statement released by Blumenthal's office said.

This is hardly the first time the senator has been front and center of the gun control debate. Following the 2012 Newtown shooting massacre in Blumenthal's state of Connecticut that killed 26 people, including 20 children, he came in out in strong support of gun safety measures. Congress, of course, failed to pass the legislation.

Source: Mother Jones
Photo: Zuma

Blumenthal wants to sound pompous, disarm the innocent, and trumpet to the evildoers that they have open season on any public institution since they are all “gun free zones.”

Want to bet the Senator Blumenthal surrounds himself with heavily armed bodyguards?




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