Congress Gives Obama A Standing Ovation in Challenge To Trump

No Change in Immigration Program

Strangely, Obama's harsh words belittling Trump, as well as the American public, elicited a standing ovation from lawmakers who were in attendance, though they clearly were ignoring the feelings of their constituents.

Obama did not have any solutions for the inability of the immigration department to vet incoming refugees, and he will surely pay a price when the next terrorist attack is launched in the U.S. as it surely must be, even as ISIS has revealed that they are actively trying to infiltrate the U.S. by using the Syrian refugee program. It is a cold and unfeeling commander in chief who is willing to play roulette with the lives of U.S. citizens in this way.

From Obamacare, to gun control, to the IRS scandal, Obama has shown himself to be tone deaf to what the citizens of this country are saying, and it is astonishing that his approval ratings are in reasonably good shape for a second term president with as many scandals as he has overseen. Here is a snippet of what he said in his speech:

“Remember that our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others, regardless of what they look like – or what faith they practice,” he said as members cheered and applauded before rising to their feet.

Obama was clearly lecturing Americans for flashes of anti-Muslim sentiment – particularly in response to his program to bring Syrian refugees into the country and the importance of the issue in presidential politics.

Congressional leaders were less enthusiastic, perhaps because they fear the backlash of the American people. Neither Senator Mitch McConnell nor Senator Harry Reid stood, and Senator Paul Ryan stayed in his chair as well.

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