Confused Communist Rob Reiner Calls for “All-Out War” on Half of America

With movies under his belt like The Princess Bride, The Bucket List, The American President, The Wolf of Wall Street, This Is Spinal Tap, Bullets Over Broadway, and When Harry Met Sally, there is no denying that Rob Reiner is a very gifted director.  My absolute favorite movie of his is Misery, the first horror genre movie to win Best Picture, I believe, but…there it is.

Having all of these successes, you would think that, behind all this talent would be the mind of a genius…or at least a man who can effectively cut through all the bull and come to a sensible conclusion about any particular subject matter of the day.  In this case, we would be dead wrong.

Last year, as Donald Trump clinched the Republican nomination for president, Mr. Reiner's inner-Communist came out like a scene from The Muse and, similar to the stupidity of Mrs. Clinton, decided to lump half of the country into one basket and insult them, calling them racists.  While this is an over-simplification of a very complicated issue, Leftists are not really known for their deep thought and profound insight.  And that's fine.  Not everyone can be expected to be a political strategist or a social worker or a psychologist.

Yet when your chosen profession is to pretend that you and others are somebody else and the words that issue from your mouth are produced by another mind, you can either be an actor or a politician (and like Reagan and others, you can be both).  However, very few of those who are actors line up politically with the values and the morals of the everyday, hard-working Americans.  And that's a shame.  Because truthfully, if you can look past your ego, and genuinely gaze into the hearts of the normal North American resident, you may feel a pang of guilt about how much we have suffered and how much we have endured for the sake of someone who lumps us all together into one large pool of racists, misogynists, homophobes and xenophobes.  The sad part about all of this is that the true racists, misogynists, homophobes and xenophobes are the people who espouse Leftism.  If you don't believe me, just listen to the jokes that Leftist comedians tell, watch the way they savage Conservative women and Pro-Life women, look at the way that they treat and talk about homosexuals in the Leftist communities and the way they embrace sharia law and Muslims' treatment of gay people, and pay attention to the way they talk about anglo-anything and White Europeans.  There's the true prejudice.

Reiner has now decided that the Progressive community can no longer tolerate us, nor our president (because, of course, it's not THEIR president).

Writing on Twitter Sunday, the All in the Family star mentioned a Fox News report about the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.

“When Fox says that DT colluding with the enemy is not a crime, the fight to save Democracy is now an all out war. US-Stay strong. #Treason,” he wrote.

Reiner’s remarks were slammed by several social media users, many of them suggesting that the actor’s tweet was the latest violence-inducing screed aimed at President Trump.

Weeks after President Trump was sworn into office, Reiner called Trump’s White House “a cancerous presidency that we cannot allow to spread.”

“What’s interesting here is that we really have a test, and we are being tested as to whether or not our democracy is going to survive,” Reiner said on MSNBC in February.  “We have somebody who’s mentally unstable, who is a pathological liar. There’s no getting around that, who’s running our country.”

Concluding this article is a bit harder than I thought it would be.  I'm bringing my mother-in-law back to the ferry to send her back down to the Lower 48, back to Florida.  My kids are heartbroken.  She's been here for three weeks and, during that time, has been inundated with my political rants.  You see, my mother-in-law professed to be a Liberal when, in fact, she's slowly coming around to the fact that she's not a Liberal at all.  In fact, there's more Conservatism in her than she realizes.  It's been three weeks and I'm beginning to come around to the fact that perhaps Leftists aren't all bad…that they're just confused or ignorant to the truth.  That being said, I'm hoping that I'm wrong about Rob Reiner and that he's just confused, too.

Maybe he'll retract his words about “all-out war” and maybe he won't.  And maybe, just maybe, I won't blame him so much because I realize that, like children, Leftists have been lied to for so long that their parents are really to blame.

Source:  Breitbart



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