Concealed Carrier Turns Tables on Armed Robbers in Barber Shop

The robbers came in quickly, with the lead guy showing a handgun and his backup carrying a rifle.   Immediately, the workers and customers knew they were at a serious disadvantage.

They raised their hands in the air and complied readily with the robbers’ requests. But much to the crooks surprise, one of the customers had a concealed weapon.

Point number one, always have your firearm on your person.

These armed robbers gave an opportunity that ONLY was accessible to someone whose firearm was on their person, ready to go. So keep your firearm on your person at all times.”

If you are properly armed, then have the right attitude, skills and plan to protect yourself and others.

Because attackers are usually looking for easy victims, they sometimes will flee if someone fights back. In the barbershop incident, the second robber took off once he saw the customer get the drop on his partner.

The customer patiently waited until both robbers are distracted while getting the loot they came for. That allowed him to draw his weapon and immediately shoot robber number one. And yes, it was perfectly all right for him to shoot him in the back.

The goal is always to remove and eliminate the threat. So don’t have any qualms about shooting a bad guy in the back. Active Self Protection always goes by the Boarding House Rules.

When every attacker is an equal threat, we practice the ‘Boarding House Rules’ that everyone gets firsts before anyone gets seconds.”

It’s clear that our Columbia good guy followed another cardinal rule: practice your marksmanship as much as you can.

As a self-defender you need to practice and train to put your first shot on target as fast as you can, but the key is to put as many shots on target as possible.”

The first one to get shots on target is usually the one who wins the fight. Also, keep in mind that the human body can absorb a lot of punishment. So even someone seriously wounded can pose an ongoing threat.

Be prepared for your first, second, and third shot on target to take some time to be effective, and shoot until the threat stops.”

The folks in the Columbia barbershop can be thankful that their customer was well-prepared to assess the situation, identify the right opportunity and put shots on target effectively and consistently to end the threat.

Source: Active Self Protection




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