Company Enables Christians to Vote With Their Wallets, Fight Back Secular Culture

Conservatives and Christians feel marginalized by many companies who support groups and social positions that fly in the face of their values.   Chris Stone, the founder of Faith Driven Consumer, found that 70% of faith driven people are looking for brand engagement and these customers spend roughly $2 trillion dollars a year.

Just in time for the Christmas season, Faith Driven Consumer has created a list of which companies line up with ideas of faith to help consumers vote, via a “Buycott”, with their wallets.

From the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage to threats on religious liberty, conservative Christian voters feel frustrated. But a new company called Faith Driven Consumer is giving them a chance to fight back with their wallets, looking at companies’ behaviors. Their research shows that faith-driven customers spend roughly $2 trillion dollars every year.

Rewarding companies for holding to strong traditional and family values is good for the individual as well as the economy.

You can go to Faith Driven Consumer to download their guide.

Source: Daily Signal


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