“In the spirit of continuing cooperation and in an effort to provide Washington voters with full transparency about GMA's funding for the ‘No on 522' campaign, the association has voluntarily decided to establish a Washington State political committee and to file reports with the PDC disclosing the source of all funds used in connection with Washington State elections.”

As of October 28th, the list of donors and amount of each company’s donation submitted to the Public Disclosure Commission includes the following, which totals up to $7,222,500. Looks like Pepsi, Coke, and Nestle are the top funders trying to hide their identity. Quite the triangle of authority of junk food producers, and purveyors of chronic disease:

Company Amount donated Company Amount donated
Abbott Nutrition 127,459 Bimbo Bakeries USA 94,693
Campbell Soup Co. 265,140 Bruce Foods Corp. 3,006
Cargill Inc. 98,601 Bumble Bee Foods 36,073
Coca-Cola 1,047,332 Bunge North America 94,993
ConAgra Foods 285,281 Clement Pappas & Co. Inc 21,043
Dean Foods 120,245 Clorox Company 12,024
Bush Brothers & Co. 16,233 Flowers Foods 141,288
Del Monte Foods 86,576 Hormel Foods 52,908
General Mills 598,819 J.M. Smucker Co 241,091
Hershey 248,305 Knouse Foods 14,429
Hillshire Brands 97,398 Welch Foods 28,859
Kellogg 221,852 Land O'Lakes 99,803
Moody Dunbar 1,804 McCormick & Co 102,208
Nestle USA 1,052,743 Mondelez Global 144,895
Ocean Spray, Cranberries, Inc. 55,313 Pinnacle Foods Group 120,846
PepsiCo 1,620,899 Rich Products Corp 24,049
Sunny Delight Beverages Co. 21,043 Shearer's Foods, Inc. 25,251

These companies were attempting to secretly back efforts to disguise GMO food products from consumers. If you support them buy purchasing their products, you are effectively supporting efforts to hide the ingredients in the foods you and your family are eating.

Source: Mercola.com