The Coming Assaults on the 2nd Amendment for 2016

The Coming Assaults on the 2nd Amendment for 2016

President Barack Obama announced his new plan for gun control Tuesday night via executive action due to the fact that the Congress refused to pass legislation Obama had asked for.

This rogue president feels that the legislature is unnecessary or a hindrance as they follow the Constitution, which dictates that the executive is not a monarch, with unlimited powers to make unchecked decrees, but part of a balanced leadership, the executive, legislative, and judicial. Obama has increasingly decided that his opinion is the one that really counts.

He got teary-eyed when talking about some of the violence that has taken place during his presidency, but it was noted that he has never shown emotion when talking about the thousands of Christians murdered in the Middle East by Muslim terrorists, or the 130 victims gunned down and blown up in Paris recently by Islamic terror teams. It seems that his emotions are selective and somehow relate to his political agenda, causing many to question their sincerity.

Obama's proposals, such as increasing the cost for acquiring a gun due to background check fees, and the difficulty his new rules will cause for family members or friends in trading, selling, or giving firearms to one another, seem to have objectives that are not related to what Obama calls “gun violence.” Apart from the fact that guns in and of themselves are neither violent or nonviolent, but are inanimate objects, one concern is that a father will have to register as a federally licensed gun dealer and pay a considerable fee in order to give his son a shotgun for his birthday. That will certainly inhibit that type of activity, and will also be a step towards a federal gun registry.

But the more interesting outtake from the announcement on Tuesday was that none of the proposals would have had any effect whatever on the mass shootings and terror attacks that have occurred during his presidency. That begs the question of why Obama is so insistent on his proposals.

His former lieutenant, Rahm Emanuel once famously said that the Obama administration never wants to let a crisis go to waste, meaning they use a crisis push their political agenda forward. That is true in this case, and the suspicion by many is that Obama's long term objective is gun confiscation from all non-law enforcement citizenry.

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