The Colorado Gunman’s History Is Unearthed, And He Is Apparently An ‘Unaffiliated Female’

As we learn more about the gunman responsible for this week's attack at Planned Parenthood, the more bizarre the story gets. It seems this man may not be the man the media has tried to portray him as. While people have fallen over themselves to tie the gunman to conservative principles, it seems as if they've misrepresented the troubled man, completely. Interestingly, even the term “man,” is up to some debate.

According to The Gazette, Colorado Springs Respect Life’s (CSRL) Joseph Martone Jr. said Dear is “unknown” to the group. CSRL is a pro-life group that “meets twice weekly at the Planned Parenthood for Mass on the mornings the clinic reportedly does surgical abortions.”

Martone said, “Nobody seems to know him.”

Fifty-seven-year-old Dear “originally was from South Carolina and also lived in North Carolina.” He has arrest records in both states–including animal cruelty in 2002, peeping Tom charges in 2002, and allegedly pushing his wife “out of a window” in 1997–but charges against him were dropped or dismissed in all cases.

He is registered to vote in Park County, Colorado, and The Gazette reports that his voter registration has him listed as an “Unaffiliated female” voter instead of a Democrat or Republican. Dear’s voter registration on Colorado Voters Info lists his gender as “female.”

Put the politics away, folks. Not only is using an American citizen's death for political purposes absolutely revolting, it now seems as if they accusations were categorically untrue.

This man is nothing but a crazy, sick human, and should be portrayed as nothing more.

Source: Breitbart


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