Colorado Authorities Investigating Reports Of Dead People ‘Voting’

Colorado Authorities Investigating Reports Of Dead People ‘Voting’

Oh wow, would you look at that: another thing described as a “myth” by progressives has turned out to be a very real phenomenon.

After looking into reports of voting irregularities, a Colorado CBS affiliate uncovered numerous instances of people voting in elections months and even years after they died. According to the investigation, dozens of voters across the state had their ballots counted after they had passed on.

The report revives concerns about the possibility that corrupt officials could count votes from deceased persons in order to sway the outcome of the electoral process the way they wish. Indeed, the fallout from the affair is so severe that Colorado authorities have launched criminal investigations of their own to get to the bottom of it. I don't know about you, but I don't know many “myths” that warrant criminal investigation.

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