Cologne Cops Punish Rape Protesters, While the City Brings in Even More Migrants

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In the politically correct world of Germany, it makes perfect sense to ignore and perhaps reward the Muslim immigrants who took part in a New Year's Eve gang rape festival, instead of practicing due diligence and rounding the up and punishing them.

Although Chancellor Angela Merkel says she will deport migrants who commit crimes, none have been thus far been deported.

In the aftermath of New Year’s rape gang catastrophe — which witnessed 1,000 men of Arab appearance sexually assault and rob over 100 women in Cologne and other cities throughout Germany — the European country’s leaders have tried to evince a tough demeanor.

Cologne’s chief of police was sacked for his ineptitude and Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to deport migrants who commit crimes in Germany. But that still leaves the little problem of allowing tens of thousands of unvetted migrants to settle in the country.

In 2015, Germany took in over a million refugees and Merkel still plans on letting thousands more in during 2016. Her plan to deny refugee-status to known criminals is not sitting well with Germany’s left-wing parties (Merkel and her party, the Christian Democratic Union, are considered center-right) and may not actually go into effect.

So if the new law deporting criminal migrants doesn’t go into effect, Merkel’s government would have nothing to show for its efforts to calm public anger in the wake of New Year’s chaos. It’s also a government still committed to a refugee policy a majority of the country opposes and, as evidenced by the large number of recent arrivals involved in the Cologne attacks, may now threaten the the safety of millions of citizens.

Rape and protesting rape are on opposite spectrum, yet the protesters are the one's punished and the rapists continue to live freely off the German people's goodness.

Source: Daily Caller

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