College Speaker: White People Owe $20 Trillion in Reparations to Blacks

College Speaker: White People Owe $20 Trillion in Reparations to Blacks

There is no shortage of crazies on the Left, and one of their favorite venues is the college campus where they can peddle whatever idiotic scheme or scam that they like as long as it is not of a conservative or patriotic nature. It is shocking that college students of this day and age, with their gigantic sense of entitlement and overwhelmingly inflated egos and unearned self esteem are so very, very ignorant of history, of civics, of economics, and of reality.

More surprising is that college administrations and the media treat their nonsense with seriousness and respect. What should actually greet these know-nothing pseudo radicals is the water cannon, pepper spray and a weekend stay or longer in jail. When is common sense going to reappear?

One of the biggest scams that reemerges every few years is the call for reparations for slavery. There are even self-loathing whites who promote this idea, and scores of people who climb right on board the proposed program without hesitation. One nameless speaker at Portland Community College was preaching this preposterous notion recently and was recorded, though the speakers' identity was concealed.

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