College Professor: We need to ‘Dismantle’ and ‘Demolish’ ‘Whiteness’

College Professor: We need to ‘Dismantle’ and ‘Demolish’ ‘Whiteness’

The leftist bias of America's university system is a well-documented problem, but people often overlook our country's community colleges when critiquing the stranglehold liberalism has on higher education.

Consider this: Take all of the country's leftist professors, then from that take just those who couldn't manage to get a job at a reputable four-year college. Those are the teachers entrusted with the education of America's junior college students. If you thought liberal propaganda at universities was bad, at community college it's even worse — if you can believe it.

Take, for instance, Portland Community College's James Harrison who is teaching our students that whites are somehow to blame for the sky-high crime rates committed by blacks.

This is delusional anti-white bigotry at its finest, and it's being taught at American schools as fact.

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