Colin Kaepernick Benched After Embarrassing Game Performance

Colin Kaepernick Benched After Embarrassing Game Performance

America has paid an unwarranted amount of attention to what Colin Kaepernick has to say about politics, but it's unlikely the country will continue to now that his career seems to be in jeopardy.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback made waves earlier this year when he refused to stand for the national anthem due to what he described as widespread racism in policing and the US in general, delighting liberals who viewed it as a “principled” stand (or sit-down, as it were) and infuriating conservatives who thought it was disrespectful to both the country and the brave men who gave their lives to protect it.

Ironically, Kaepernick has heaped praise on, among others, Fidel Castro, the recently deceased dictator of Cuba who turned the once prosperous nation into a communist hellhole that people risk their lives to escape. If Kaepernick had tried his little stunt there, it is very unlikely he would have been given as big a platform as he was here in the US to express his voices.

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