Stephen Colbert to Jane Fonda: “You are an icon of your generation”

Stephen Colbert to Jane Fonda: “You are an icon of your generation”

Jane Fonda, 77-years-old, joined The Late Night stage with Steven Colbert, as he discusses her iconic life.  He asserts that Jane is, like Dylan, an icon for the Baby Boomer generation.

Is Jane Fonda an icon of the Baby Boomer generation and would they embrace her as their icon?  She certainly has stirred up angst surrounding the issues to which her name is attached, but do others from her generation view her in a favorable light?

Colbert seems to view her as an icon. He asserts that she was:

  • The sex symbol of the the sexual revolution
  • Vietnam anti-war activist
  • The face of the work-out craze
  • 1980's business empire queen
  • Mrs. Billionaire to Ted Turner
  • Woman of Faith

Fonda certainly has lived an eventful life, with both positive and negative rolls along the way.  Colbert asks if she the “entire scope” of the experience of life for a Baby Boomer.

Is Jane Fonda “the face” of the Baby Boomer generation? Steven Colbert posits to Fonda in a Late Night interview that she is the voice of that generation.  I wonder if that is something that most Boomers would embrace or if they would rather separate themselves from her experiences.

“You are an icon of your generation. People say Bob Dylan was the voice of the Baby Boomer generation. Aren’t you, in some ways, the voice of the Baby Boomer generation? Because you were a sex symbol during the sexual revolution. You were an anti-war activist during Vietnam. You started the everybody get healthy workout craze. When, you know– during the ’80s when everybody– when business became king, you started your own business empire. You married a billionaire. Then, you became a person of faith. Now, you’re sort of leading the way into the Baby Boomers– showing them how to age with passion and grace. Aren’t you really, sort of, the icon of the entire scope of the Baby Boomer experience?

Source: Breitbart



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