CO Volunteers: Errors in Delegate Selection Process Possibly Violated State Bylaws

The Republican nomination process was supposed to be the fair and transparent race in the 2016 election.

But after elected delegates in Colorado, Wyoming, and North Dakota nearly unanimously voted for Ted Cruz, that process is coming under heavy fire — and not just from Donald Trump.

Many Colorado GOP volunteers and delegates have come forward and said that the voting process in Colorado was flawed at best — and rigged at worst.

Kimberly JaJack, a Trump supporter, tells Breitbart News that she was not allowed to vote at the State Assembly:

I was a delegate. I pledged support for Donald Trump. In the Arapahoe County section they had designated seating areas for your last name. When it came time to pass the ballots out, someone from the Colorado GOP came around and started calling out names. When you received your ballot you received a mark on your name.

She went directly from K to I and skipped the Js. She said she didn’t have the Js….

…I asked a few people, no one seemed to have the ballots for my last name. At that particular time, I had to do my ten-second speech because I was running for national delegate. I came back and said I don’t have a ballot and I went to Andie, the president of the Cherry Creek Republican Women in Colorado, and she looked at her board. She had my name on this page and it had a check mark next to it. She looked at it and said “this is a check mark.” I said “This is my badge, you do NOT see a mark on it, do you?”

I approached a representative of Donald Trump’s campaign and I went to Steve House, chairman of the Colorado GOP. He took my name and telephone number.

JaJack said that she found out that another woman in Arapahoe County later told her that she had her ballot, but by then it was too late to vote. JaJack said that she has not heard back from the Colorado GOP. She says her case represents a “serious injustice.”

You can watch what JaJack has to say about the ordeal in the video below.  It is unclear if the outcome of the vote in Colorado will be amended in any way, but it is clear that this issue won’t be going away anytime soon.

Source: Breitbart



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