CNN’s Zaharia: Trump Won Because of Older White, Uneducated, Racist, Gay-hating, Sexist Bigots

As progressives still agonize over the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, they keep trying to assess blame for his election.

CNN host Fareed Zaharia provided insight into the mindset of progressive elites and their contempt for everyday Americans as a preview for an upcoming special, “Why Trump Won.”

Zaharia has a history of snobbish elitism that he displays not only on the network, but in his weekly column for the Washington Post and as editor-at-large for Time magazine.

Born in India, he is a naturalized American citizen. He claims to be a secular Muslim. He’s got elitist bona fides with a bachelor’s degree from Yale and a Ph.D. in government from Harvard. In a sense, he may be overeducated to the point of being obtuse.

On the next page, find out the condescending remarks he made to Wolf Blitzer regarding Trump voters, the predictable racial context, and how he remains in denial regarding Hillary Clinton’s loss.




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