CNN’s Report of Alleged Russian Hacking Shows Computers that Could Not Possibly Work

We get the reason for all of this. Hillary lost and Obama is furious. His legacy, or what masquerades as such, is on its way down the drain with Mr. Trump replacing him in just over two weeks. So we've had to endure Obama and his allies flailing about, looking for a reason to delegitimize Trump's victory and thereby weaken him as he prepares to take over at the White House. Since he despised Mr. Putin anyway, Obama must have concluded that he had nothing to lose by blaming Russia for meddling in the election.

When that plan ran aground due to his inability to produce any reliable evidence of Russian hacking of DNC computer assets, Mr. Obama's administration tried accusing the Russians of attempted hacking of our electrical power grid in an effort to wreak havoc.  That didn't work so well either with administration mouthpiece The Washington Post having to walk back a story that supported the electrical grid theory.

Now CNN looks silly for running with the theory that the Russians hacked our power grid. How? They used images of a computer game in the background to the story.

It'd be pretty hard for the Russians to hack America using the computers in Fallout 4 [a computer game]. For one, the computers in Fallout 4 are not connected to the internet: in Bethesda's [the creator of Fallout 4] alternative history, America never makes it that far into the future. Another obstacle stopping Russia from hacking America via the computers in Fallout 4 is that, no matter how you approach it, it'd simply be impossible.

That hasn't stopped CNN using footage of a Fallout 4 computer in a story about Russian hacking, though. It's not a huge faux pas on the news outlet's part: it's simply used as B-Roll footage, after all. But it's still pretty amusing, especially in light of how often TV news co-opts video game footage.

Much of the media already looks bad for having been so wrong throughout the campaign regarding Donald Trump's chances of victory.  Now they look silly for endorsing what are, thus far, just unsubstantiated rumors of Russian interference in American elections with the goal of helping defeat Hillary.

If they can't even get the background images to their stories of alleged Russian cyber-attacks on the US power grid right without looking like fools, perhaps they should try something entirely new to them: objectively report the facts regarding the transition of power and stop being tools of Obama in his attempt to create a legacy.

Source: PC Gamer



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