CNN’s Cuomo Threatens to ‘F*cking Throw You Down These Stairs’ After Man Calls Him ‘Fredo’

A video surfaced on Monday of CNN’s Chris Cuomo using threatening to beat a man’s @ss and throw him down the stairs after the individual referred to him as “Fredo.”

“Fredo” is a character in “The Godfather” and a name that means the ‘weaker brother’.

Cuomo, who is from an Italian family, claimed that the name is as offensive to Italians as the n-word is to African Americans.

“No. Punk ass bitches on the right call me Fredo. My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN,” Cuomo said. “Fredo is from The Godfather. He was the weak brother.”

At that point, Cuomo made the claim about “Fredo” being the equivalent to the “N-word.”

“You’re a much more reasonable guy in person than you seem to be on television,” the man responded.

“If you want to play, then we’ll fucking play,” Cuomo retorted, calling him a “punk b*tch.”

“You know my name is not f*cking Fredo,” he continued, adding, “own what you said.”

“I’ll fucking ruin your shit,” Cuomo yelled. “I’ll fucking throw you down these stairs like a fucking punk.”

“Please do,” the man responded.


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