CNN Sympathizes with MS-13 Gang Members: “Trump Makes Us Stronger”

CNN Sympathizes with MS-13 Gang Members: “Trump Makes Us Stronger”

When it comes to making excuses for not enforcing federal immigration laws, the mainstream media use every trick in the book to excuse illegal immigrants.

After President Donald Trump traveled to Long Island, an area beset with horrible violence committed by the MS-13 gang that originates in El Salvador. In a fiery attack on the gang, and a staunch defense of law enforcement, the president pushed back against critics who don’t support the federal crackdown on gang members.

In advance of the visit, CNN made a lengthy argument against the Trump administration’s immigration policies, maintaining they make MS-13 more powerful in immigrant communities.

Learn how illegal immigrant advocacy groups are trying to undercut the Trump policies and how liberal media outlets are portraying the anti-gang effort. On the next page, find out how effective the Justice Department has been in deporting violent illegal thugs and cracking down on MS-13.

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