CNN: Huge Number of Democrats will Jump to Trump

Hillary Clinton may be getting some coal in her stocking this Christmas.

While it is known that a chunk of Bernie supporters will cross over to Trump, this is the first time Clinton supporters are on record that they are willing to jump to Trump.


From InfoWars:

While interviewing residents of a Democratic county, CNN struggled to find a single Democrat who wasn’t voting for Trump, underscoring Trump’s broad crossover support.

Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by six to one in Logan Co., W.V., CNN pointed out, but the residents are outraged over Clinton’s call to eradicate the coal industry.

“It was not easy here to randomly find people here who want Hillary Clinton for president,” CNN reported, adding that out of the nearly 20 random Democrats they interviewed, nearly all of them were already supporting Trump.

Federal rules and regulations, many of them pushed by the United Nations, have shut down the coal mines in the county which once supplied a cheap source of energy for the U.S.

Clinton agrees with the shut down.
“She meant what she said… about getting rid of the coal jobs, shutting down the industry and all that,” laid off coal miner Roger Mayo told the network.
When CNN claimed she “misspoke,” Mayo reminded the network she was a politician, so of course she’d backtrack.
Logan Co. serves as a microcosm for Trump’s crossover support; across the country, at least 20% of Democrats would defect and vote for Trump, according to a poll by Washington-based Mercury Analytics.

Mainstream democrats are supporting Trump. Many Bernie supporters are supporting him as well.

The left is terrified.

Election 2016 is within The Donald's grasp.

Source: InfoWars



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