CNN Claims “Cult” Leader Trump Mind Controlling His Supporters

CNN has not been a legitimate news source for going on twenty years now, but that has not stopped them from introducing highly dubious individuals as “expert contributors” in…pick a subject. Brian Stelter, the unquestioned leader of the DNC-run network, at least from the studio side of the operation, has not slowed down in his pursuit of uncovering the smoking gun in the impeachment saga that has plagued Americans for the past year. Nor has he stopped attempting to assist the DNC in overturning the 2016 election through inuendo, lies, deceitful polls, unending “bombshell” reporting, and claims of “more evidence of wrongdoing!”

On his show “Reliable Sources” (the title itself demonstrating the height of arrogance and irony) Stelter invited self-described “cult expert” Steven Hassan on his show to deride the president even further by asking the limelight hog about the possibility that Donald Trump is literally mind-controlling his supporters and forcing them to vote for him and ignore all his crimes against humanity.


CNN’s resident lunatic Brian Stelter went above and beyond his regular whackery Sunday, wheeling out a ‘cult expert’ on his “Reliable Sources” show, who claimed that President Trump is a “destructive cult” leader, a la Jim Jones, and that he is using “mind control” to direct supporters.

Stelter introduced Steven Hassan, author of a book titled The Cult of Trump, claiming that many prominent figures (read ‘CNN talking heads’) have been suggesting recently that Trump’s America first movement is ‘cultish’.

Hassan claimed that Trump supporters are “not being encouraged to really explore and look at the details and arrive at their own conclusion.”

Stelter then brought up mind control, asking “You say the President is using mind control, but how is that provable?”

Here’s where it gets really interesting, because the guest, who really has no evidence to “prove” mind control, begins rattling off sociological behaviors that one could have read from Wikipedia pages.

“So, we can start with the pathological lying, which is characteristic of destructive cult leaders. Saying things in a very confident way that have nothing to do with facts or truthfulness. The blaming others and never taking responsibility for his own failures and faults. Shunning and kicking out anyone who raises questions or concerns about his own behavior. His use of fearmongering, immigration is a horrible thing.”

Keep in mind that Steven Hassan began his career in “cults” by becoming a recruiter for the Unification Church back in the 1960s and ‘70s. As a “Moonie” himself, he was able to convince hundreds of impressionable and vulnerable people to become members of the Korean-branch religious cult, while their life savings were drained from their bank accounts. Today, he claims that this experience gave him the “expertise” to recognize cults and cult-like behavior, which is why he knows what Trump is up to!

Ironically, although not a member of the Unification Church today, Hassan still peddles a similar mindset when it comes to his own practice of “deprogramming” in the Bay State in New England. He is a licensed hypnotist, but is not without a ton of legal issues that have hounded him in his practice since the 1970s. He has been sued many times throughout his career and has been warned by the Massachusetts Medical Association about unethical standards of conduct, especially after he reportedly published patients’ letters on social media that were thought to be protected under laws of patient confidentiality!

This is the guy that Stelter brought onto his set to confirm that Donald Trump is a mind-controlling cult leader with a talent for turning 63 million people into zombie automatons and voting for him over Queen Hillary!

Source: ZeroHedge



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