CNN Celebrity Chef Says He Would Serve Poison to Trump if He Had the Chance

Anthony Bourdain, pampered child of a father and mother who were a Columbia Records executive and a staff editor for the New York Times, respectively, was recently interviewed by TMZ.  Self-described as “one of the most influential chefs in the world,” Bourdain wastes no time on the subtleties of good taste and decency worth his station…no, no, no.

This angry white man decided to vent his wealthy, spoiled, sheltered anger at a bigger and Leftist reviled target:  President Donald John Trump.

The president and Bourdain have no real history, although it appears that Bourdain is super-obsessed with the more prominent position of the native New Yorker and envious of his Secret Service guard detail (Bourdain does seem to have been very used to being waited on hand and foot, doesn't he?)

In his jealousy of Trump, he allowed it to boil over in the most recent tirade about the president.  Bourdain was famously chummy with the ex-dictator-in-command, Barack Hussein Obama, when he had the community-organizer-turned-Socialist-leader deigned himself beneath the dignity of the office to appear on the CNN-sponsored reality TV show.

Turning it up from a simmer and serving it up with some Gouda and whine, Bourdain answered “Hemlock,” when asked what he would serve to our president for dinner.  Leftists, so predictable in their idiocy and intolerance, always go right for the kill whenever asked any question about President Trump.  You'll never hear the words, “Well, I just don't like him,” or “I don't agree with his policies.”

For members of the Jackass Party, the immediate seething disgust for Trump is apparent by their initial gut reaction:  assassination.  It's always there; Johnny Depp, Kathy Griffin, Jim Carrey, etc., etc., etc.  Disagree with a Leftist and the answer is always identical:  kill that person.

Anthony Bourdain, host of “Parts Unknown” on liberal CNN, said last week that he would poison Donald Trump if the celebrity chef was asked to cater a peace summit between the President and Kim Jong Un.

“Hemlock,” Bourdain simply replied when asked by TMZ what he would serve Trump and the North Korean dictator.

Hemlock is a poisonous plant that has been used as a method of execution. The video was published by TMZ last week, but is just now gaining attention.

When reached by Fox News, Bourdain, apparently joking, said that he meant to say “kale” instead of hemlock.

This isn’t the first time the “Parts Unknown” host has spoken negatively about Trump. Bourdain, who famously dined with President Obama on an episode of “Parts Unknown,” told TheWrap last year that he wouldn’t eat with then-candidate Trump if given the chance.

“Absolutely f—ing not,” Bourdain said. “I’ve been a New Yorker most of my life… I would give the same answer that I would have given 10 years ago, when he was just as loathsome.”

Well, well, well.  Bourdain proves that you can be a world-class jerk AND a slimy low-life short-order cook at the very same time!  If he wasn't so good at warming Pop Tarts for his guests, I'd say (based on his political outlook) he'd be a perfect candidate for the Party of the Jackass.

I'm sure that Republicans would be happy to bake you a big crow pie to eat, especially since I'm positive that you were one of those idiot New Jerseyans who voted for jailbird Hillary and bet your reality show career that this other reality show star would never win the White House.

I'll get the fork.  In fact, I'll get the BBQ fork, because you've got a really big mouth.

Source:  Fox News



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