CNN Analyst, CIA Spy On Hillary’s Server: “I can’t tell you how bad this is”


Baer broke down how very serious the situation for Clinton is. He states that if he had done what she obviously did, he would likely get thrown in prison. Not only did Hillary send classified emails through her private server, she sent emails that had the highest security classification that can be given:

“You don’t get anymore secret than that. ‘TK’ is talent keyhole, relates to satellite — very classified satellite photography. ‘SI’ is special intelligence, which could relate code breaking, the National Security Agency, even Snowden didn’t get into that. And if this, in fact, was on a private server, you and I’d get fired, and possibly jailed. This could be a felony,” Baer said.

Judge Andrew Napolitano concurs with Baer.

He added, “If this was on her server, and it got into her smartphone, there’s a big problem there. Seriously, if I had sent a document like this over the open Internet, I’d get fired the same day, escorted to the door, and gone for good, and probably charged with mishandling classified information.”

When asked if people could argue that sometimes things can drop through the cracks, Baer answered, “No. When I was overseas at various stations, I had encrypted communications, and I wasn’t even allowed to receive documents like this over highly encrypted communications. We were worried about leakage, and the rest of it, storage, leaving it in hard drives. It couldn’t be sent from Washington. This is very, very serious stuff. And, in the discipline of the national security establishment, you never let this stuff out of your hands, and especially on a handheld. And if this in fact, were on her handheld, was sent to her, or she forwarded it [in] any way, I wonder if she’s capable of being president.”

Baer was then asked if he thought this was a “deal-breaker” for Clinton’s candidacy. He answered, “As a national security employee — a former one, yes. I mean this — I can’t tell you how bad this is. … But having documents like this sent across the Internet, it could be hacked very easily, and probably were hacked, is a transgression that I don’t think the president of the United States should be allowed to have committed.”




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