Clock Boy Now Honored by Time as Most Influential Teen

I would wager that the local high school in one's town has better candidates for “Most Influential Teen of 2014” then the trumped up honor presented by TIME Magazine to a boy who plagiarized his science project.

“Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed landed on TIME Magazine’s30 Most Influential Teens of 2015. The publication announced this year’s crop of teen wonders with the 14-year-old among sports dynamos, up-and-coming Hollywood stars, kids of the rich and famous, young entrepreneurs, and a Nobel prize winning girls’ education activist who survived being shot by the Taliban.

Nothing this kid has done should have kept him in the news for longer than a 20 minutes, yet dear old Obama stuck his nose in the mix and invited Ahmed to the White House, for his “clock design” and the rest is history.

Now the story of “Clock Boy” gets even more inflated as TIME gives him accolades that true heroes should have.  They have aligned themselves, by honoring this boy, with some very hinky groups.

The Texas teen turned Qatari clock kid did, in fact, turn down the esteemed MIT for the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Qatar Foundation and their Education City. Although not mentioned in TIME, Mohamed is also known for his Saudi funded Mecca pilgrimage, a visit with genocidal Sudanese Islamic autocrat Bashir, a promo video appearance with Hamas supporter Nihad Awad, also the co-founder of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization charged as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism-financing case in U.S history, the Holy Land Foundation trial. The clockmaker was also honored at CAIR’s Oct. 17 Virginia-held banquet.

Clock Boy has been recognized by groups that promote terrorism and we continue to esteem this kid!  Mind blown!

Source: Breitbart




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