Clintons Received $100M+ From Middle East Dictators

Clintons Received $100M+ From Middle East Dictators

One year ago, Peter Schweizer released his much-anticipated book, Clinton Cash, which made a myriad of allegations of corruption, quid pro quo favors, and numerous conflicts of interest in dealings between Bill and Hillary Clinton and foreign companies and governments.  The book coalesced and brought to light the shady transactions that the public long suspected the Clinton Foundation of conducting.

Of the many dealings that would qualify as a “conflict of interest,” perhaps none is more glaring than the approval — by Hillary Clinton’s State Department — of the sale of military hardware and technology to Middle Eastern governments that had donated big bucks to the Clinton Foundation.  Of the approved $165 billion in sales, nearly $30 billion of that was to our “ally” Saudi Arabia in the form of state-of-the-art fighter jets.  Algeria, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman also received significant support.

Now, a Daily Caller investigation is showing just how much some of these Middle Eastern countries donated to Bill and Hillary Clinton, leading many to wonder, could a President Hillary Clinton be an impartial and objective arbiter when it comes to Middle East policy?  To read more about the Daily Caller‘s investigation, continue on the next page:

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