Clinton: Trump Budget Shows an ‘Unimaginable Level of Cruelty’

Clinton: Trump Budget Shows an ‘Unimaginable Level of Cruelty’

After disappearing from public view following her embarrassing loss last November, Hillary Clinton is back. In a way, it's like she never left. Her primary goal is still attacking Donald Trump.

According to many political analysts, Clinton's fixation on Trump played a major role in her surprising loss. Clinton never amounted to anything more than the candidate that wasn't Donald Trump. Her campaign likely thought that that was enough, given Trump's historically low approval numbers compared to other presidential candidates. They failed to realize that Clinton's numbers were just as bad — if not worse.

But Clinton hasn't learned much from the loss. Now, six months after losing to Trump, Clinton continues to prioritize political attacks over political ideology. And the attacks have gotten no less ridiculous. This week, she claimed that the recent budget cuts proposed by Trump┬árepresent an “unimaginable level of cruelty.”

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