Clinton Takes Another Tumble

Clinton Takes Another Tumble

Someone needs to get Hillary knee pads and a bike helmet as she continues to have episodes of slipping and falling.  If she was not surrounded by the Secret Service, a Life Alert Medical Devise would be advisable.

While stepping away from the podium after announcing Joe Biden in Scranton, PA, Hillary once again lost her footing. Had Joe not been right there, Hillary may have found herself on the ground in front of her adoring throng.

Meanwhile, in the next state over, Trump made comments to Ohioans concerning Clinton's health.  He questioned whether she had both the physical and mental strength to “defeat ISIS and other global foes”.

Certainly this is a fair question considering the toll that campaigning is taking on her health.  One can see how the White House and endless rounds of golf have aged Obama,  thus the idea that Hillary will be able to remain vital as the President of the Untied States when she cannot even campaign without falling down is a valid concern.

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