Clinton Secretary of Labor: ‘Patriotism’ is Republican Fear Mongering

Clinton Secretary of Labor: ‘Patriotism’ is Republican Fear Mongering

It was only a matter of time before the left attacked patriotism as an offensive state of mind. This week, they’ve done just that.

Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich attacked the idea of American exceptionalism as “exclusionary” and a result of Donald Trump’s promotion of America-first policies. Of course — if anything comes from Donald Trump it must be bad.

He goes beyond attacking the GOP nominee in his post in the SF Gate. He attacks all Americans who fear Islamic extremism. He denies the phenomenon of homegrown terror, despite the fact that the terrorists behind both the Orlando and San Bernardino attacks were all born in the United States. He even criticizes the “Republicans in Congress” who are unwilling to let individuals from Central America to flow across the nation’s borders.

His view of America isn’t patriotism, it is a dismantling of America as an identity.

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