Clinton Refuses to Address Claims She Had Her Server Wiped

Then why not just destroy all the emails?

Law prof Ronald Rotundamade a compelling case back in March that if Hillary had reason to believe her e-mails might be subpoenaed eventually, then destroying them would make her guilty of anticipatory obstruction of justice. You shouldn’t be allowed to evade punishment, after all, just because you’re quick off the block in erasing damaging material while the authorities are still drawing up subpoenas and search warrants. If it turns out the server was wiped much later than we thought, when she clearly had reason to believe congressional investigators and even the FBI might have interest in it, she might be cooked.

Strangest part of her actions:

The weirdest thing about this scandal is how haphazard Hillary’s behavior was throughout. She took a huge risk to begin with by putting her correspondence on an insecure private server, knowing that spies would be eager to infiltrate it, but instead of shelling out big bucks for the best security money could buy, she ran the operation out of her basement and then turned the old server over to a small mom-and-pop shop in the midwest. I would have thought the Clintons would hire their own white-hat hackers to defend their system from invasive attacks 24/7 and then run the latest server through an industrial shredder every year or so to make sure any data is good and gone.


Most uncomfortable moment of Ed Henry interview, when Henry pushed the issue about Hillary wiping the server herself, she answered:

“With what? A cloth?” [while she made a wiping motion with her hands as if she was cleaning or polishing something].

Source: HOT AIR



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