A Clinton Nomination Means a Trump Presidency

A Clinton Nomination Means a Trump Presidency

Democrat leaders are coalescing around Hillary Clinton as their party favorite, even while they try to talk themselves out of her major drawbacks as a candidate. And the feeling is that they owe her the presidency due to her previous support of the party, which incidentally helped her own causes as well.

She was a true attack dog against unsuspecting women who husband Bill assaulted and even raped, and she dutifully took on the position as Secretary of State to placate Barack Obama and give him room to rule as a monarch. And she gave him cover for his poor international negotiating and management skills. The list is endless, and she wants payment for her work. Now it is her turn to rule, and the super delegate scam virtually assures that she will take the nomination from Bernie Sanders, in spite of his adoring, ignorant, and greedy young followers seeking free tuition, commitment to socialism, and a chance to “stick it to the man.”

However, not everyone is certain that Hillary should be the candidate. It is becoming more and more likely that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, and his bare knuckles, attack style of campaigning could very well be fatal to the Clinton machine.

Sanders may be crazy, but he is at least honest in declaring himself a socialist, and Clinton is anything but genuine, which could skilfully play into the hands of Trump. Consequently, there are some very strong reasons to deny Clinton her grand prize, and a number of Democrats are becoming quite nervous that Clinton’s baggage would give the presidency to Trump. They are calling for the party to rally around Sanders, a call that is likely to be broadly ignored.

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