Clinton-Linked Sex Trafficker Arrested

What does it take to become part of the Clinton ‘inner sanctum', becoming an ‘invitation-only' member of the Clinton Global Initiative? Of course, the answer is money. A lot of money.

By all appearances, the Clintons have one rule when it comes to accepting contributions to their political campaigns or their foundation (if there's a difference). It's a basic cost/benefit analysis. Will any costs in accepting the contributions exceed the value of the contribution itself? If not, take the money.

Note that determining whether accepting the donation is legal, moral, or appropriate is not an issue that figures into the Clintons' calculations. All of that stuff is irrelevant for those in lofty positions such as they. It all boils down to whether they will accrue a net benefit in wealth and power.

And we can conclude that when the question is in doubt, the strategy is to just take the money and run, figuring that some legal wrangling will get them out of any trouble anyway.

So, should be we surprised to learn that they took money from an alleged sex-trafficker? Hardly. These are just the kind of people Bill and Hillary want in their inner circle.

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