The Clinton Global Financial Network Exposed in Panama Papers

The Clinton Global Financial Network Exposed in Panama Papers

Bernie Sanders better count his blessings, cause he now has access to very damning information he can use against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

While most of the attention given to the Panama Papers has focused on the misdeeds of foreign leaders and their associates, few have commented on the implications of the activity attributed to American political figures in the documents, not least of which are several individuals closely connected to the former Secretary of State.

Throughout her campaign, Clinton has tried to position herself as equally to the left as Sanders on issues like the economy and taxes, demonizing the rich and saying they should pay their fair share. However, if her friends' behavior is any indication, she thinks they should be exempt from such treatment.

No where is this clearer than in the case of Mossack Fonseca, a law firm which has aided countless Clinton associates in setting up offshore entities, presumably to avoid paying taxes on the holdings contained within them in a way that she regularly rails against.

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