Clinton Foundation Colludes with German Government in Globalist Expansion Scheme

Hillary Clinton, to put it bluntly, pursues a neocon agenda of US global hegemony.  Donald Trump claims that he does not.  This is why some alleged Republicans such as the Bush family and the folks at the Weekly Standard and National Review refuse to support Trump, and even have thrown their support behind Hillary.  She and they see America's place in the world through the same lens.  It's a disastrous policy that, in it's extreme, risks nuclear war with Russia.

Examples of how we could expect Hillary to govern and the sort of foreign policy she could be expected to pursue abound.  Such as this:

This latest Wikileak email confirms the fact that the Clinton Foundation was making globalist expansion plans in private with the German government and sought funding from them. It’s a case of pay-to-play that has ramifications around the globe.

In this email released Monday. titled, ‘German Government Funding’, and dated March 20, 2012, the key players at the Foundation discussed a letter received by Bill Clinton from Dirk Nebel, the German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, which is the funding arm of the German government. The purpose was to set up a meeting to discuss a partnership.

They were eyeing Africa and Asia for their globalist redistributive plans and the areas mentioned are education, entrepreneurship, and clean energy.

Even the Wall Street Journal weighed in on this scheme.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the German government gave between $100,000 and $250,000 in 2014 to the Clinton Foundation. In fact the donations from foreign governments are on the rise.

They will take money from anyone and make deals that affect our lives and our freedoms without any thought about the values this country was founded on. You will be assimilated so the elite can have money and power.

That's a straightforward analysis.  And it is, unfortunately, true.  This is how Hillary operates.

The Independent Sentinel pulls no punches as it tells it just how it is.  Globalism spells disaster, and Hillary is its chief exponent.

In the past, the United States and some of the European countries care enough to fight it because they believed in freedom and the value of the individual. That doesn’t seem to exist as it once did. Who will fight it now?

Globalism requires a single ethnicity, culture, religion and political party. Is that what we want?

Globalization must end in the destruction of Capitalism and the rise of a Socialist market. Political transformation must take place first and that is what is taking place right now.

Globalization provides the basis for social revolution and the apologists in both parties, in the intellectual circles of the media and the universities, are telling us it’s inevitable despite the fact that there is no feasible way to meld all these cultures, religions and political entities. They claim it is a market imperative and we must all bow to its commands even though it points to a financial collapse on a global scale.

Should a Hillary Clinton presidency eventuate from what is almost certainly the most acrimonious and fraud-filled election in US history, it will take an extraordinary degree of active involvement by the citizens of the US in applying effective pressure on elected officials to derail Hillary's reign that would truly be terrifying for anyone who loves freedom and peace.

Source:  Independent Sentinel



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