Clinton Foundation Accepted Undisclosed $1 Million Gift from Qatar

Clinton Foundation Accepted Undisclosed $1 Million Gift from Qatar

Last month, Donald Trump attempted to make the corruption of Hillary Clinton a major campaign theme. “Follow the money,” he said, and you'll see just how corrupt the Clinton Foundation is.

Luckily, some decided to do just that. Journalists investigating the source of the Clinton Foundation's wealth soon discovered that major donors to the foundation were granted access to the State Department, personal favors, and contracts from the federal government.

But the most shocking revelation may not be what these donors received, but who they are.

The latest development in the Clinton Foundation scandal comes straight from Qatar. The Middle Eastern country has a terrible civil rights record, and has even been linked to state-sponsored terrorism. Despite all of this, it was recently revealed that the United States was actively selling arms to the Middle Eastern country.

Why would the government do this? Maybe because Qatar's donations to the Clintons weren't merely big. They were huge.

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