Clinton Claims Trump is ‘Giving Aid’ to ISIS

Clinton Claims Trump is ‘Giving Aid’ to ISIS

Hillary Clinton is going down in the polls, and now she's getting desperate. First, she reignited the birther controversy in order to once again force the “Trump is racist” narrative. Now, she's trying to bring back the story that Trump is aiding ISIS.

The first time Hillary Clinton attempted to make this claim she insisted that videos of Trump were being used to recruit Islamic State fighters. Eventually, that was determined to be false because no evidence existed to back up her claim.

Of course, lying has never been a problem for Hillary Clinton — it's one of the few places in which she excels — so she's at it again. This time, she is at least being a bit less specific.

Hillary may not be getting any better at telling the truth, but she seems to be getting better at the art of the lie.

Still, a lie is a lie, and you can read her at latest on the next page:

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