Civilian Vigilante Groups go Migrant Hunting in Bulgaria

Through non-violent tactics, Atanasov and his band of merry men have been somewhat successful in thwarting the migrant invasion. So far, they’ve managed to capture more than fifty migrants.

The self styled patriot describes the process saying that the group often spots the people smugglers first, “they run 200 to 300 metres ahead to see if the coast is clear,” he said. If the migrants see him and his men they often run away, “they think we are the police,” Atanasov remarked.

The patrol leader said that he is usually joined by around 30 more men at any given weekend. The group has so far managed to capture more than 50 migrants crossing the Bulgarian-Greek border and they bring them all directly to Bulgarian police.

The group believes they are the first line of defence from what they call the “migrant invasion,” and regard themselves as merely doing their duty to their country as self appointed border protectors. Their work is reminiscent of protests by the hipster-right Identitarians who built their own fences  along the Austrian-Slovenian border when the government refused to control the migrant flow last year.

Vigilante groups have started popping up all over Europe, each feeling like their government can no longer handle the migrant crisis in the way that it needs to be handled. Some of these groups have grown so rapidly that police are actually being told to crack down on their activities instead of helping them.





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