Civil War Alert: Leftist “Kill Teams” to Target Prominent Conservatives

To say that the left is going off the deep end is an understatement. While one can get a giggle out of the cartoonish antics of those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, we can quickly see that the threat of mass violence due to the communist left becoming more militant and extremist is very real.

Tech giants like Twitter have become accomplices to left-wing groups who openly plan murders and mass executions of prominent conservatives and use social media networks to do it. The blatant banning of conservative speech doesn't hold a candle to the outright sheltering of leftist terrorists calling for assassinations and violence.

One hundred and fifty years after our nation fought an incredibly bloody civil war we find ourselves on the precipice of another – orchestrated by global elites who have been plotting out the demise of our great country for quite some time.

Conservative scientist Mike Adams warns that radical left-wing leaders are plotting out assassination strategies right on Twitter without consequence. Turn the page to see what just might be the spark that the global elite will use to light America on fire.




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