City Looks to Fine ‘Distracted Walkers’

City Looks to Fine ‘Distracted Walkers’

There’s no question that mobile devices have made everyday life a lot more convenient and kept people in closer communication.

But as the advances in the devices add more applications, it’s become even easier to get focused on the communications and distracted from the environment around users.

Already the upswing in vehicle accidents due to distracted driving has prompted municipalities and some states to outlaw cellphone use and texting while driving. The institution of fines is seen as a means to combat the problem as well as educate the public about the pitfalls of using the devices when behind the wheel.

The ubiquitous use of these devices has gotten people more involved in their constant use, even when just walking around. People can lose sight of their surroundings when engrossed in their phones.

On the next page, learn how a good-sized American city is considering a measure to deal with distracted walking just as others have with texting and talking while driving. Find out how local citizens are reacting too.

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