City Councilman Appoints Two Illegals to City Commissions

CBS TV in Los Angeles first reported the story yesterday.

Frank Medina takes on the health and education commission.   Julian Zatarain will be with the the city parks commission.

The 32-year-old councilman says he truly promised voters during his campaign that he would create opportunities for the city’s large undocumented immigrant population.

“We need to make sure that we bring everyone together to the table here in Huntington Park so that we can make sure we’re sharing the same vision,” said Pineda.

City Mayor Karina Macias threw her support behind the appointments.

The appointments won’t be official until processed by the council and Medina and Zatarain pass a LifeScan background check.

The entire story is here.

Pineda says the move would make Huntington Park the first city to have undocumented immigrants on city commissions…as if that were a positive move.

The main complaint from the community is that he could have easily chosen a legal citizen, a real community leader, and an actual tax paying resident, rather than an illegal alien, but why listen to the voters?



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