City Confiscates Guns From Wife After Husband Gets A Psych Evaluation

“That doesn’t mean she gives up her right to have a gun, as long as she follows California’s law that is to use a gun safe,” Rodriguez lawyer Don Kilmer said.

City Attorney Rick Doyle told the station the issue is public safety.

“Are we acting with an abundance of caution? Yeah,” Doyle said. “We’re concerned about someone having access to firearms that shouldn’t.”

Doyle said storing the guns in a locked safe doesn’t prevent Mr. Rodriguez from gaining access.

San Jose prevailed when Rodriguez challenged the seizure in state court.

“We don’t want to turn the guns over and we don’t have to turn the guns over. The courts have agreed with us,” Doyle told the station.


As conservatives, we hold mental health as being more accountable as the cause of gun violence than the guns themselves. So, should someone, or their spouse, have their guns taken if either are deemed too mentally ill to own them?




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