Citizens Now Protecting The Military At Recruitment Centers


On July 17, armed citizens in Hiram, Georgia, with concealed carry permits stand guard at a military recruiting center.


“To think the people who are supposed to protect and serve us are unable to protect and serve… protect themselves,” said Tewellow. “So if us, the citizens, who carry permits, are able to help protect them that's, that's what we're gonna be able to do.” News Radio 106.7's Nathalie Pozo was at the recruitment center on Friday morning and reported that about 30 people answered the call to arms. “This is who is fighting for us,” said Tewellow. “This is who is giving us our freedom, who allows us to wake every day and if they're not here, and is taken down just like the Chattanooga incident, then how can we say that we are going to be able to wake up tomorrow?” More people are expected to show up throughout the day. Twellow said they are trying to have at least one person standing vigil every hour.

Another patriot spent his day off on Friday to stand guard outside of a military recruitment center in Winchester, Virginia.DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG

He is not worried about another attack like Chattanooga here. But he is making a statement.

“People need to call their congressman, they need to call their senators and they need to change these laws that are on the books so these guys can protect themselves so a regular old citizen doesn't have to go out and do it,” he told us.

The man asked to remain unidentified, but he said when he heard about the four Marines killed by a terrorist in Tennessee, he thought, “Here we go again.”

“It’s fundamental Muslim extremism,” he said. “They declared war on us and we seem to not put it in perspective and realizing that the war is here.”

The military has been grateful for the symbolic support.

“I went into each office, the ones that were open, and I was received with handshakes and thank yous,” he said. “They constantly came by, and not only them, but their wives came by in tears thanking me for just being out here. They baked cookies for me and brought lunch by.”


Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) is finalizing a bill that would address the gun regulation that prevents our men in uniform from being able to protect themselves.

“Until we get our hands wrapped around this, we have to allow the people who represent the United States military to defend themselves, at the least,” Hunter said. “If you go on any base, you have armed security there. … Recruiting centers in a strip mall, they have no defense against people who just hate America and hate our military. They’ve got nothing.”

And where is Obama on this issue? Well, right where you would expect him – nowhere. The President has created executive orders that are completely unconstitutional for illegal immigrants. Yet, when it comes to protecting our military inside these centers, nothing.

Allen West is completely correct in stating that the failing here lies with the President. If somehow Posse Comitatus prevents troops from carrying arms to protect themselves, alternatives can certainly be found. We send how much foreign aid to other countries? And at the same time we can't at least provide armed guards for our Marines? With the threat of terrorist attacks mounting everyday, SOMETHING needs to be implemented IMMEDIATELY!



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