Citizen Obama Muscles in on Trump’s Rising Popularity in Europe

Barack Obama will be joined by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday as he is finally given the go-ahead to speak at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany in a didactic lecture to the world on globalism, activism, and agitation in order to get your way.  The speech will reportedly send chills down the spines of all the major networks' reporters who will be present in force to cover the earth-shattering finger-wagger, with online news organizations hanging on his every word, and CNN and MSNBC doing up-to-the-second chyrons crawling across the bottom of the screen with useful and witty tidbits from our former anointed leader.  Hey, I only report what I read between the lines, okay?  Just a messenger!

The event titled “Being Involved in Democracy: Taking on Responsibility Locally and Globally” puts Mr. Obama in the spotlight in Europe at the same time as President Trump, underscoring the dramatic shift in the U.S. in the last four months.

The forum is sponsored by the Obama Foundation.

Mr. Trump is traveling around the Middle East and Europe, visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel and Vatican City in Rome in an effort unite three world religions. He also will attend a NATO meeting in Brussels and G-7 summit in Sicily.

The forum in Berlin returns Mr. Obama to the Brandenburg Gate, which has been the site of pivotal speeches throughout history, including President John F. Kennedy declaring “Ich bin ein Berliner” and President Ronald Reagan declaring “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

But what is the REAL reason for this visit to Germany at a time when the ACTUAL President of the United States is traveling to Europe?  It seems to me pretty obvious that Obama has never been a man who has gotten “no” for an answer too often.  When his hand was slapped by Angela Merkel nine years ago and he was told he wouldn't be allowed to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, he took his very personally and it has been stewing in his mind for all these years.  Now that he's finally gotten back to his beloved Gate, he is now back on track for the real objective behind this trip.

The defeat of Hillary Clinton opened the door for Barack Obama to do the one thing he really wanted to do in the first place:  remain in office.  Since Hillary's disastrous collapse, Barack Obama has donned his rainbow-colored cape and is now poised to shoulder the mantle once again to remain as the global champion of all oppressed peoples (of course, those chips will have to be removed before the mantle can be shouldered).

Now that President Trump is making headway in many more ways than can be counted with the economy, immigration, military, fight against terrorism, and now, real substantive movement toward peace in the Middle East, Obama is livid, especially considering Trump's complete decimation of Barry's legacy portfolio.  Obama's trip to Germany is a trip of three-fold mission:  to show…

  1. That the Obama Foundation is accepting donations from men, women, children, businesses and governments alike;
  2. That Trump may have the title of president, but that he remains a buffoon next to the power and majesty of Lord Barrack; and,
  3. That there is nothing sweeter than the sound of his own voice (just ask Chris Matthews).

That's pretty much it.  There is no other reason to be saying the same old silly nonsense that he's been spewing for close to a decade other than that this is comeuppance for the Trump supporters who voted en masse to destroy his plan for America's Decline.  Perhaps he can get his master, George Soros, to fund an effort to get Congressional members to change the laws so that he can run for office again…

Source:  The Washington Times





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