Citizen Obama Muscles in on Trump’s Rising Popularity in Europe

Citizen Obama Muscles in on Trump’s Rising Popularity in Europe

Rush Limbaugh often refers to both the “Reverend” Al Sharpton and Reverend Jessie Jackson as the Justice Brothers for their constant wailing about social justice and race hustling.  With that in mind, it's appropriate then to start referring to citizen Barrack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the Global Twins, because it seems that these two are as close as Andrea Mitchell's lips to Hillary Clinton's buttocks (I know, sorry, not a good visual at any time of the day).

Over the past few years, it seems that the Global Twins have been joining forces on many issues near and dear to the hearts of Socialists.  In particular, they have been focusing in the recent past on the importance of government entities' hostile takeover of the internet to ensure that any news that they deem “disruptive” to the Socialist agenda is never even seen (like a Pop-Up Blocker for Conservative “fake” news…or the Facebook newsfeed…)

Now, we all knew that Barack Obama just wasn't going to be bowing out gracefully and fading away into Progressive obscurity.  He is the epitome of the Clintons in so many ways.  He has recently created the Obama Foundation, whose mission is to spread the religion of globalism to every corner of the civilized world, while also being able to sell nifty little “I donated to the Obama Foundation” bumper stickers for the not-so-wealthy and signet rings with Obama's campaign flag symbol on its face and a cursive inscription inside the band that reads, “You didn't build that.”

In evidence of Barack Obama's love affair with his mirror and personal voice recorder, he is venturing out on an “official” visit to Germany once again to reunite the Global Twins in their newest effort to infect children across the globe with the religion of globalism.  On Thursday, Obama will be speaking in a joint appearance with the Chancellor at the Brandenburg Gate where, if you recall, the former president attempted to speak in 2008 before he was even crowned Lord Savior by the Democrats.  At the time, Angela Merkel, hedging her bets on who would be leading the United States (Hillary or Barrack) opted to intervene on Hillary's behalf and block the young senator in his bid to address his global subjects at the famous arch.  Claiming that it wouldn't look good if Germany allowed one of the candidates to speak at the Gate because it would appear to be an endorsement of that candidate by the German government, Merkel spoiled Obama's rapidly rising star, forcing him instead to speak at the nearby Victoria Column.  Since then, he has been just “itching” to speak at the near-mythical Brandenburg Gate with his prepared teleprompter remarks, entitled, “Ich bin dein Führer, Leute von Berlin!” (“I am your leader, people of Berlin!”)

The thrust of the speech will mostly cover what Obama has been doing since he left his “official” seat of power and mounted his “shadow” throne of power down the street from the White House, and how he has been tirelessly traveling the country and the world, receiving awards, giving rousing, inspirational lectures to young people about their civic duty to riot…uh…protest in the streets, and participating in speaking engagements for $400K a pop.  We're still not sure what Merkel will be able to add to the mix, considering that citizen Barrack REALLY loves the sound of his own voice.  They may just have to kill his mic, just as the Democratic Party did to Maxine Waters the other day.

Given his penchant for lots of “uhs” and “ums,” it may be a very, VERY long speech.  But what is the real purpose of this visit?

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