Cindy McCain: My Husband “Would Be Disgusted” With Republican Party Today

Cindy McCain once again showed why those in the RINO field hate Trump and his supporters and the success that has propelled the Republican Party to unprecedented levels in low unemployment, record stock market, consumer confidence, regulatory cuts, tax rate reductions and race relations.

They don’t hate him for his failures…they hate him for his unmitigated gall to succeed where they have failed miserably for decades. Now, you would expect that sort of rabid behavior from the Left. After all, they’ve made hating this president and his supporters an artform. The Deplorables and the Irredeemables are the favorite target of the Left.

Yet, somehow, we don’t expect the Right to be frothing at the mouth over triumphs like this. The only explanation for the behavior is, quite simply, jealousy.

John McCain’s widow took to the airwaves, accepting a fawning invitation from Never-Trumper land, CNN, and performed an interview in which she stated a very weird assessment.

“John would be disgusted with the Republican Party of today.”


With all due respect, didn’t the Maverick just pass away about a year ago? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Republican Party of today the EXACT SAME Republican Party of a year ago? Mrs. McCain is acting like the Moderate senator passed away 50 years ago.

Let’s just cut out the middle man, shall we? John McCain did everything he could to thwart this presidency, the American people, the Republican Party, and quite honestly, his own constituents in the state of Arizona. He was just as disgusted with Trump and the American people who lived across this great nation then as he would presumably be today. So exactly where is the exclusive here, Mrs. McCain?

Would he be even MORE disgusted, or just comfortably within a modicum of disgust? Let’s watch as Cindy McCain endears herself to a Leftist audience at CNN, eerily reminiscent of her late husband.


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