CIA: Islamic State Has Up To 31,500 Fighters – Obama Sends 475 Advisers To Combat Them

Obama’s plan to handle ISIS is completely without teeth.

You cannot solve the ISIS problem with airstrikes as these guys will just blend into the civilian population.

There is no coalition to handle ISIS. There are just 9 countries that support the US, but won’t commit troops. Turkey just announced we can’t even use their air bases to address ISIS, even though ISIS is holding 49 Turks hostage, including diplomats and children.

As military leaders state over and over, we can’t win this fight without putting boots on the ground to wipe these guys out, and the 1700 troops we are going to have there aren’t nearly enough even if there were allow in combat.

Obama at the same time has completely opened our borders for ISIS to waltz right in. Politicians, like Tom Delay, are calling out Obama on his inability to be trusted due to his “Islamic sympathies.”

Obama is a Muslim and he is allowing this country to be infiltrated by Muslims. He has been sending arms to ISIS through the Syrian rebels. He is building ISIS. He’s not intent on destroying them at all.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A CIA spokesman says a new intelligence assessment estimates that the Islamic State group can muster between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters across Iraq and Syria, up from a previous figure of 10,000.

The new assessment is based on a review of intelligence reports from May to August. It is larger than the 20,000 figure being used by many outside experts.

CIA spokesman Ryan Trapani says the new total reflects stronger recruitment by the extremist group since June following battlefield successes and the group’s declaration of a caliphate. He says the revised number also reflects “greater battlefield activity, and additional intelligence.”

Source: AP
Photo: Western Journalism

NEW YORK – President Obama’s left-leaning political ideology combined with sympathies for Islam acquired from being raised by a Muslim stepfather paralyze him as he faces the threat posed by the Islamic jihadist group ISIS, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told WND in an interview.

“In defending America against radical Islamic terrorism, Barack Obama cannot be trusted,” DeLay said.

“Barack Obama was raised a Muslim, and he claims he is a Christian, and I can’t say for sure whether he’s a Christian or not, but he has shown over the last few years that he has great sympathies with Islam,” DeLay explained.

“You combine that with Obama’s political orientation that is far to the left,” he continued, “and you get a president who hates war, hates the military, and you have a formula for military inaction when it comes to combating radical Islamic terrorists like we are seeing in ISIS.”

DeLay’s indictment of Obama did not end there.

“You add to mix that Barack Obama is incompetent, way over his head as president, and the whole combination produces a worldview that makes Obama detached and reluctant to take the type of the military action against ISIS that would be effective,” he said

DeLay concluded Obama “does not want to face the reality of the danger and threat represented to the United States by ISIS, and he does not want to admit the connections between al-Qaida and ISIS, because he refuses to understand that we are in a war against radical Islamic terrorism.”

Source: WND



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