CIA ‘Inadvertently Left’ Explosive Material On School Bus

CIA ‘Inadvertently Left’ Explosive Material On School Bus

The Central Intelligence Agency recently made a mistake that left many wondering just how intelligent they are. According to reports, they “inadvertently left” explosive material on a school bus after a training exercise with local law enforcement in Loudoun County, VA. While there isn't anything wrong with a training exercise that uses explosive materials, this particular bus remained in service for two days, transporting students to a high school and two elementary schools before the explosive material was found.

A statement released by the school district claimed that the bus made eight runs, which totaled 145 miles. It carried twenty-six students to Rock Ridge High School, Buffalo Trial Elementary School and Pinebrook Elementary school.

The material was placed on the bus as part of a joint exercise with the local sheriff's office to train explosives-sniffing dogs at Briar Woods High School from March 21-24, which was during the school's spring break.

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