Chuck Norris Writes on Chemtrails and US Coverup, “Sky Criminals”

The Chemtrails Conspiracy has been linked to other Geoengineering conspiracy theories, claiming the general population has been exposed to chemical, climate and biological testing without the publics knowledge and these tests are being blamed for respiratory and other health problems.

To listen to the full conspiracy and hear the supporting evidence behind it, watch the YouTube video below.

People are also wondering if Vin Diesel has joined the ranks of celebs coming out with warnings about chemtrails:

Reactions to Diesel’s image was, well, very fast and very furious itself.

Vin Diesel Bro,…Are you promoting Chemtrails & GeoEngineering??? Allot of folks are coming down with the chemtrail flu,..these days,’s hurting people!! Are you Aware??? Thanks!!

There was an interview a long long time ago from one of these pilots and they said that they drink water with oregano extract in it to fight the b******* that they’re putting in the Chemtrails that they know they are exposed to when they’re flying those planes. So oregano oil extract is a very cheap supplements and it kills a lot of other bacterias doesn’t really have any effect that’s negative on your body people so go ahead and take some. I have been trying to help people with Solutions rather than just scaring them with problems used to talk about the stuff in my classroom that’s why I’m now resigned teacher. Got into the principal’s office too many times get in trouble talking about Chemtrails I thought it was ridiculous so I quit, who cares about test scores when they’re constantly spraying this crap and making us sick. Go test scores!!

Come on ppl, Vin Diesel obviously posted this with the intent of showing the chemtrails in the sky. Notice how he has his fingers crossed….coincidentally matching the X in the sky. You go Vin, we need more influential ppl like you…big fan btw.

Source: Truth Kings



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